History of LIV


The League of Indigenous Voices (LIV) was established by the California Indian Storytelling Association (CISA) as a natural result of CISA’s work which focuses on the retention and revitalization of Indigenous communities and their oral traditions. 
The cultural exchange between California Natives and Hawaiians began in 2003, and the ancient connections between these peoples opened new areas of dialogue, particularly in regard to the stories of ancient trade routes, by sea, river and land.  By 2007, the stories grew to include the Maori People of New Zealand, the Haida People of Alaska, and Indigenous Peoples of Washington State and Oregon.   And in January 2009 CISA held The World Symposium--Indigenous Voices: Following Ancient Trade Routes, in the San Francisco Bay Area, where LIV was conceptualized by participants representing Indigenous Peoples throughout the Pacific Rim.
 In September 2010, a CISA delegation participated in the “Healing Our Spirit Worldwide” conference—a gathering in Honolulu of the world’s Indigenous Peoples— The League of Indigenous Voices (LIV), was introduced to HOSW Conference participants at that time.  Through a cooperative and collaborative process, the vision, mission, goals and purpose of LIV grew to include all Indigenous Peoples of our earth.   
Having articulated and defined itself, the LIV-the League of Indigenous Voices participated as a newly realized organization during a sacred ceremony on the Swinomish Reservation, Washington State, during the “Paddle to Swinomish Canoe Journey” in July 2011.
For information:  cistory@cistory.org

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